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Julie Hahm (Greendale High School Girls Varsity Coach) 

“I have seen the benefits of the players doing the RAP program in several different ways.  The first is in our player’s ability to drive to the basket.  They are more confident handling the ball and have learned different skills to get them by their defense.  Second is on the press break.  It is amazing the difference that having several players with strong ball- handling abilities has made.  Their increased skills lead to increased confidence which leads to increase poise which leads to the ability to break many presses. The RAP trainers do an excellent job at teaching the skills of the game of basketball. They break down the footwork, the hand placement and focus on all the details so that the players can build their skills.  Even after just one summer of sessions, the progress is evident in our players.  They enjoyed the intense, small group sessions. I would recommend the program over any camp.”