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Christine Keller

Skills Trainer

Christine brings a unique approach to the game of basketball.  Even though she has a tremendous track record of success as an athlete, she looks back and understands it wasn’t all about winning.  Her experience was about the environment, community, friendships, teammates, professors, and the coaching staff.  As a college coach, this was the approach Christine used to build her teams.  She wanted to make sure her students fit in academically, socially, financially, and athletically.  Christine’s best interest was not just for the team, but for the student as well.  “As a mentor I want the student to find a space that suits them as a student and if needed, as an athlete. My goal is to assist the student and their family in asking the right questions to ensure their wants and needs are met. I know the college recruiting process can be overwhelming for the student and it is extremely important that the student is prepared emotionally and mentally for the transition. With my guidance, I can alleviate the stress of the process.”

Christine is a WBCA Hall of Fame Inductee (2021), she has 15 years of high school and collegiate basketball coaching experience.  Christine is a state champion (2 time basketball and 2 time soccer), she also made All-Conference, All-American, and All-State honors.  She is also a division I student-athlete (UW-Milwaukee).  Christine played AAU basketball for Wisconsin Fastbreak where they finished in the top 20 nationally.